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Essay writing tutorial: how to write quicker

If time is of the essence and you need to create content quickly, here is a simple tutorial to use keeping in mind that the key to successful fast writing is focus and concentration. The most difficult task about writing is the mere act of getting started.

  • Choose a Topic. The obvious first step of writing is to know what topic you want to write about and the message you want to get across to your readers. Begin by writing down your topic whether it is one word or a phrase.
  • Research. Before you even begin typing make certain you have conducted all pertinent research, acquiring the facts needed to write legitimate content. By completing all research beforehand you minimize and even alleviate the need to stop typing in order to verify or recheck the accuracy of your information. Thorough preliminary research plays a vital role to writing quick content.
  • Prepare an Outline. Once your research is completed, you want to invest sufficient time in outlining your thoughts and facts. Just open up a blank Word document and jot down your thoughts remembering to utilize key words in each of your outlined subheadings. These key words will serve as reminders of the topics you want to elaborate on in your article.
  • Turn off Spell Checker. If you are anything like me, seeing any misspelled words as I type triggers an immediate reaction to want to correct them as I go. Of course, engaging in this constructive habit is essential to professional writing but not useful in “speed writing.”
  • Set a Timer. Set your timer for 15 minutes and just type your thoughts without regard for proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Do not stop typing for any reason at all. If you fall upon a blank moment just keep your fingers moving and type multiple x’s if you have to but the key is to keep your fingers typing. On average 15 minutes of straight typing will yield 500+ words.
  • Editing. Once the timer goes off go back and read what you typed performing necessary edits such as removing irrelevant information and rearranging sentences before you go onto the next 15 minute typing session.
  • Finalizing. Once you have completed all needed 15 minute typing sessions, go back to dress up and finalize your content correcting any misspellings and grammar and adding any finishing touches.