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The alarming number of "write my paper for me" requests

Students may not realize how many are seeking writing help when it comes to getting assignments completed. Over the last few years more professional writing service companies have been established to help students while tending to rising requests. More students are seeking help than before, yet for different reasons that professional writing solutions can understand. So why are more students requesting assistance in getting their paper written? 123Writings, perhaps the top ‘write my essay’ company, gives an explanation.

  • Assistance is needed on more than one type of writing assignment. There are professional writing solutions that offer assistance in a variety of areas including narrative essay writing, dissertations, thesis, admission essays, research papers and much more. Some students have multiple assignments they need to complete or feel the deadline is unrealistic for them to try and tackle the work.
  • Not sure how to get started on the assignment. Some instructors get so caught up in getting work assigned they may not actually take time to detail what they expect the student to produce. Depending on the type of writing assignment, it may help to have sample content to review aside from guidelines presented by the instructor.
  • Lack of personal writing abilities. Some students admit that writing is not a strong skill they possess. In this sense, working with a writing professional to complete your content is a viable option. You can learn common mistakes made by most students and what can be done to avoid them in the future. Writing assignments in college often have high expectations and students know their grades can be affected if the assignment isn’t up to par with what their professor expects.
  • Many don’t have time to proofread and edit their content. Some who are able to complete their content may not have time revise, edit and proofread. This can leave a negative impression with the reading audience and your grade. Aside from needing someone to writing the paper, a student may not understand proper word usage, how to structure their data into solid paragraphs, or logically present data so that it makes sense.
  • Need a way to alleviate stress and pressure. Many students know how important writing assignments are in college. For many, it can be a big cause of stress since they take a good amount of time and energy to complete. Aside from other things going on or lack of understanding the assignment all together, some feel it is better for them to stand back and let someone else complete their paper.

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