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Are Free Essay Examples Useful?

So you’ve got an essay to write and you might be wondering if free essay examples can help you at all. Like the answer to most questions, it depends on a number of factors. You can certainly find free examples that are helpful in a number of ways, but you can also find ones that are a waste of your time. What does their usefulness depend on exactly?

1. It Depends On the Quality of the Sample

The statement that you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the web really holds true here. You do not want to assume that all samples have factually correct and up to date information. Many samples have incorrect facts, while others are simply out of date and no longer reflect current ideas or essay formats.

Take a few minutes to look at the quality of the free samples. Depending on the subject matter, half or more could be totally useless because they aren’t very informative or because they weren’t written well. Once you eliminate those, you are left with a much smaller grouping of free samples, and these are the ones that you will find potentially useful for your paper.

2. It Depends On How You Plan To Use the Free Examples

You don’t want to use the free examples as your own work, because as useful as that may seem, you always run the risk of getting caught. So if you plan to turn in a free example as your own essay, you might have saved yourself the headache of writing a single paper, just to bring on the headache of a bigger violation of academic integrity. It’s not worth it, and you would be better off spending your money to have someone else custom write your essay for you, and reduce your risk of being caught.

If you are using the essays for ideas or help with your research, they will be extremely useful. If you are stumped and cannot come up with any ideas, free sample essays are one of the best ways to cure your writer’s block. Not only do they have ideas that you can use, they actually lay them out in a complete written argument. They can also help you find areas to research, which helps cut down on how long it will take you to write your paper. Anything that helps you save time is a useful tool for paper writing. Free samples are useful—they can be a big timesaver and a huge shortcut—but they do require a little effort on your part.

Using Essay Samples to Save Your Grade

If you are doing poorly in school, essay samples can help to improve your paper grades, especially if you are not good at writing papers. If your paper grades are not where they need, academic paper samples are one way that you could bring them up. The samples should be just one part of your attempt to raise your grade. If you really want to improve, you should also make regular visits to your professor’s office or tutoring center to get one on one help. However, samples are a quick and easy way to get started, and can be a lifesaver to your grade if you are short on time.


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