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Success is simply the state of achieving a desired goal, meeting set expectations or fulfilling an intended intention. Success is not static and it can therefore be used to mean progressing towards a desired state. To be successful one has to set goals, then go ahead and meet those goals. Different groups of people have different needs therefore organisations have to develop a broad set of success measurement tools to satisfy the various intended audiences in mind.

True measures Success

Copping suggests that there cannot be a right way and a wrong way to measure success. He argues that success is a 1) personal opinion 2) dependent on the current prevailing circumstances 3) dependent on the attitude of the person measuring success 4) dependent on the ambition levels and finally 5) dependent on the ultimate purpose for measuring success. However, he goes ahead to propose two universal success measures that should be adopted in all situations. The first measure of success should be the question: are you getting more income out of what you are doing than you would be, if working for someone else? The second question should be what percentage of your audience would pay to be where you are?

Every so often, organisations and individuals need to evaluate themselves and the best way to do so, is to gauge the perspective of others. In business, a business owner should desire to know the perceptions stakeholders have on his/her business to place him at a better place to make informed decisions. Irwin in his book Make your business grow, notes that only those businesses that are keen on improving the perception of their customer, service providers, and various regulatory bodies like inspection and audit agencies will succeed in business. He advises that all businesses should carefully study the needs of its audiences and make appropriate steps to improving the perception they have on their businesses.

An organization may be termed as successful if it exhibits signs of growth. Growth may vary and it often depends on the activity being carried out. Growth is an escalation towards a particular intended goal quantitative and qualitative.


Success measures should be personalized since no one success measure can apply to every situation. The true test of success is satisfaction. After all that is expected of you is done, you should ask yourself are you satisfied with what you have done, will others be satisfied with the work you have done, are you satisfied with the profits you have earned, are you satisfied with your customer base? If the answer is yes you are satisfied, then you can say without any doubt that you have succeeded.