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Anxiety in cancer patients

Anxiety is one of the most common reactions of a patient to cancer. It is quite understandable for people to be worried upon hearing that they are suffering from cancer. Cancer patients have this feeling ever since the diagnosis of the disease. As it is a life threatening disease that has no cure a patient will at all times be concerned about his remaining days among his family and peers. The worst cases also include depression, nausea and shortening of life span.

Anxiety is not necessarily a result of cancer, there are people who suffer from this problem and experience anxiety attacks. If such people develop cancer then it is quite risky because their anxiety level will rise. However those people who do not have a previous history of anxiety are most likely to avoid it during cancer as well. The intensity of anxiety differs among different patients and at different times. People may tend to get more anxious in the last stages or during the treatment. Patients who have an optimistic approach towards life tend to read and learn about their disease and its cure. Such people will be able to fight against the disease and are not prone to anxiety. People who are not strong enough and give up early will be more affected by anxiety than those with a strong will power. It is believed that the patient gets more and more troubled if he is given constant bad updates about his disease. It is the duty of his friends and family members to keep the victim motivated and make maximum efforts to help him stay away from anxiety. If a patient of cancer develops anxiety the situation gets worse. It will lead in increasing pain and weakening of the immunity system of body. The treatments and medications given to a patient suffering from cancer can also trigger the feelings of anxiety. It is not necessarily the case that each cancer patient is worried of the fact that he is going to die. Most of the patients are worried and upset because they miss their independent lives, the possible loss of peers and family and the intense pain which is impossible to control. People who have a history with anxiety in the past are more likely to suffer from it during cancer. The anxiety situation can get intense during the treatments and the patient must be kept motivated at all times.


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