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Embryonic Stem Cells and the Future


Stem cells are cells that undergo mutation even when subjected to the artificial environments. Embryonic stem cells are used for cloning because the embryo grows in artificial environment and the whole process of reproduction does not require the natural environment. Scientists use the natural male and female gametes that are extracted from the animal being reproduced and subjects the gametes in an environment where reproduction takes place. Over the past few years, the researchers have found out that cells belonging to an organ can undergo mutation in another organ and the newly formed cells assume the identity of the new organ. This concept has added a great deal of knowledge to the scientific process of embryonic stem cells.

The process started with animal experimentations where it was proved viable and possible for humans and was tested for humans where results were positive. The reproduced beings are found to have a low chance of mortality at young age as opposed to the naturally produced beings and this has added weight to the chance of the process being accepted in the today’s contemporary world. However, the idea has been violently opposed by the human rights groups and civil societies who include the religious leaders. They argue that the process violates the natural reproduction process that was initiated by God and hence refer to it as an immoral act.

However, it today’s contemporary world, the embryonic stem cells seems to have a brighter future as there seems to have a gradual acceptance trend of the process in the modern society. Researchers have proved to the world that stem cells cannot form tumors because they remain undifferentiated though the program allows them to divide continuously. Hence, the reproduced cells are stronger than their mother cells.


In conclusion, stem cell therapy is being done in the developed countries whereby patients suffering from some illnesses such as leukemia and cancer are treated using the stem cell therapy. During the process, cells are extracted from healthy tissues and subjected to the program that allows them to differentiate forming healthy tissues that are then put into the affected tissues. In addition, parents suffering from hereditary disorders have been undergoing through the embryonic stem cell process in order to ensure the good health of their young ones. Hence, the embryonic stem cell process will be generally accepted in future as many would choose it for the health of their children.


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