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The Life of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in the Great Britain. At that time England had a social class system that divided the elite and the lower class clearly. The elite had access to all the reputable positions and authorities and all their efforts were aimed at only helping the elite. The lower and middle class families continue getting poor. Shakespeare had no chance of becoming popular in such a society.

He was born in the month of April in the year 1564. His parents were middle class people. His father used to make gloves and his mother was a daughter of a renowned farmer. Shakespeare had no reach to the upper class neither he was married to someone from a rich background. Due to financial affordability he could not continue his education at a university. He had a total of seven siblings and including him it made the family of 10 people. He was born in a small town far away from England that was considered the hub of culture and art at that time. The financial conditions of the family were quite tight and the writer had to join a local school for his education. He studied the Greek language, history, comedy, romance, Latin and some other languages. He had to struggle hard to maintain a normal life and as a child his young mind was severely affected by the poor conditions of his family. He got married at young age of eighteen to a woman three years elder than her. His wife was pregnant at the time of marriage. They had a total of three children. The story and events of his life after his marriage are quite contradictory and we do not find any clear evidence or facts about his family life. The historians quote this as lost period of his life.

William Shakespeare died on the same date he was born. Shakespeare was not only an excellent playwright but a talented actor and a thoughtful poet too. People till this day consider William Shakespeare as one of the best playwrights in the English literature. He is acknowledged as a top class classical writer. The works of Shakespeare are taught in many universities around the globe. It has been a long time since he passed away but it is impossible to find his match even today. Shakespeare was truly a great artist and the best playwright the world has ever seen.


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