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What Does a Press Secretary Do?

One of the most important senior advisors of any political leader is going to be the press secretary. This is because they are in charge of the way that information is released to the world and how that information is spun by the different media outlets around the world. In the United States the mainstream media is controlled by a very small group of corporations with a specific agenda, make money. The messages that are issued from them is often very narrow. Either it is to promote their ultimate interests or it is to distract the public from the real issues. A press secretary is the person who manufactures or presents the information that the world will see about the policies or thoughts of the president of the United States ofr a leader from another country.


Most if not all information that a political leader releases is designed to control the way athe public hearing it thinks. Under the guise of information, there are words used and images created that either make something desirable and supportive or undesirable and negative. This has been seen in all of the war issues of the past ten years. All of the people fighting against us are terrorists and those with us are freedom fighters. Nobody can really say for sure, what the ultimate leadership and culture in a country like Afghanistan will look like, but for the purposes of the leadership of the United States, it will be a democracy that is friendly to the economic issues facing the US.

The Press secretary is responsible for when information is released and what is not discussed at all. Recently legislation was passed in both houses of Congress which is going to expand the influence of the government in the lives of everyday citizens. It was totally overblown in the mainstream media by the fact that a character on the reality show Duck Dynasty was saying insensitive things about homosexuals. Last I checked, the United States has free speech, and every idiot has the right to think and say what they want. A good press secretary knows how to spread information and how to hide it behind a smokescreen.


A press secretary controls the messages coming from our world leaders. Most of their messages are designed to represent the issues of the wealthy and politically connected in our country. Little to no real information is shared with the public, but most of what is released is propaganda designed to control the way that the majority of citizens feel about an issue. People need to look past the messages presented and see what is really happening.


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