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Social Groups

The definition of social groups varies from culture to culture. Some people regard a social group as people who generally decide to spend time together in a personal environment. Other people consider a social group to be groups of people that are actually labeled as a group, or regarded as a specific group. Whether the group of people is small or large, it does not matter. A social group could consist of as few as two people, or as many as thousands of people. While the size of a social group can vary, there are some requirements that are unwavering. Social groups must have more than one person in them, the people will share commonalities, and there will have to be an over all feeling of being unified on one belief, action, or purpose. These elements are what make the collection of people a social group, and not just people who are in the same room.

When it comes to social groups every community has its fair share. In fact, in a number of ways, a community itself could be considered a social group of its own. Some of the most common types of social groups that you would be able to observe within a community include sports teams, students of the same class or program, people who work at the same company, and families. These are just a few of examples. The main core elements that unify each group include the facts that all of the members are working toward a common goal. The sports teams are working together to win the competitive games. The students are working together to gain the knowledge that the teacher is trying to instill. The work place employees are trying to build and grow their respective organizations. The families are working together toward building a safe and healthy environment for the family.

In all communities, you will be able to identify various different types of social groups. Whether the group is made up of two people, or a hundred people, it can still be considered a social group. It is not the size of the social group that defines its existence, as long as there is more than one person and there is a unifying element then it is a group. If the group of more than one person is unified by a belief, action, or purpose then it is considered a social group.


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