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Voice-thread Software

The voice-thread software is a diverse, multimedia application devised for use on many devices such as smart phones, laptops and other portable gadgets. It is used for both learning and entertainment purposes where the user can save images, messages, or documents in the form of a voice, video or text for other users to view and share. Information is saved as slideshows, and can be accessed from any location globally through the Internet by colleagues, students and friends who want to share some information. Commentaries, picture stories, group conversations, and oral histories can all be shared using the voice-thread software.

The software recognizes multiple identities where a group of people, for example, students or businesspersons can access a common account to share and comment on a story or event. In addition, the software also allows archiving of precious memories and events through exporting of the data to external DVDs and MP3 players where people can have a collection of important moments. The software is mainly used for communication where it adds details to a mere conversation by making it more personal and customized. Users can make the conversations lively and interactive by the use of emoticons to express their feelings in a text message, which makes the connection more human.

Schools and learning institutions have adopted the software and integrated it into their systems where students can interact with the teachers in exchange of learning materials to facilitate learning. The voice-thread software is compatible with other systems, including the Learning Management System (LMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This enables easy collaboration, and connection in classrooms for efficient learning at all levels of education right from elementary school to the university. It also simplifies complex projects and technical material, making learning easier. For instance, biology students can apply the software to elaborate a process in a lab experiment and explain the results. Moreover, businesspersons also benefit from the software where they can attend meetings virtually from anywhere in the world without the physical presence at a conference or seminar. They can easily participate in a procession using text messages, videos or voices, making their presence live to the audience.

Educators highly recommend the use of voice-thread conversations in teaching because they help in maintaining focus in the discussion and give students the chance to reflect on the material being shared; thus, it results in quality input. Therefore, the voice-thread software is indeed a beneficial tool that enables global connection for simple and authentic communication.


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