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Racial Struggle in America - College Essay Sample

Racism is a major problem affecting many Americans today. Slavery characterized the country’s history with the minority races treated as chattels. This became the greatest injustice in the history of the world. It led to the Civil War but it did not change the situation in the country. After the Civil War, America developed a legacy of inequality and racism that has persisted up to our present generation. The whites dominated their societies, took land, and received loans from the government. The rights and land grants of the minority groups were never enforced. The minority racial groups were trapped in enormous debts and poor living conditions. The whites treated the Hispanics and African Americans as slaves and later oppressed them. The wealth gap widened with the majority groups dominating the country’s economy.

The end of Civil War marked a new beginning for inequality, injustice, oppression and segregation in the society. Different laws such as the Jim Crow Laws pushed the African Americans away from the national cake. A new system of segregation was evident thereby bringing about inequality. The minorities struggled with the oppression until in the 1950s when the civil rights movement began. The movement arose to fight against inequality and racism. The movement became one of the historic chapters in America’s history. The fight would lead to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Act tried to restore the confidence and equality in the country. The movement brought a new meaning to the dignity of all the American people as indicated in the country’s Declaration of Independence.

Despite these racial struggles in America, the most disturbing thing is that majority of the minority races in the country are still struggling for better opportunities. The African Americans and the Hispanics are still trailing behind on certain basics such as health, education and income. The economic position of the minority races in the country is still unstable compared that of the Whites. The racial groups also face increasing incidences of racism, murder and incarceration. This calls for new laws to end racial struggle in the country.


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