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Founding Fathers

Through out history there have been many men and women who helped to shape and sculpt the foundation of American culture, and government. One group of people that took the lead on creating one of the first official American documents was the founding fathers. These men signed the Declaration of Independence from England in 1776. They were a group of very strong and independent men who were interested in the future of the country and its ability to stand on its own. Some of the most important men who signed the Declaration of Independence include: George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.

The founding fathers were a group of men who were sick and tired of the abuse and mistreatment of the British soldiers in the 1700’s. There were times when soldiers would come in to homes and take the food of the innocent and threaten the families if the family was not readily complying with any demand of the military forces. It was a scary time for civilians in the 1700’s and many of them had enough of the act of living in fear every day. It was at that time when the relationship had weakened to the point of rebellion that they founding fathers gathered and deliberated about what was to be said in the Declaration of Independence. In this document, the founding fathers outlined the way that a government should never treat its people, and the rights of the American citizens. The document states that the government should get its power from the people that it governs and that it cannot make decisions without the approval of the people. It was, and still is, an extremely important document that is intended to keep the government from mistreating its people in the manner that had begun to become normal during the 1700’s again.

The founding fathers were among many of the people who were involved in shaping the origins of the United States of America. These men had the help and input of many other people; however, some of the most key players included George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. Without their courage, strength to back up their claims, and attention to detail in regards to the specific and deliberate wording of the document, who knows how the beginning of the United States of America would have gone over.


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