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Personality Theories

Personality theories are elements behind famous thinkers that have provided more insight on how things around us are perceived from a psychological standpoint. Some of the world’s most famous thinkers such as Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud introduced some of the most thought provoking theories that continued to be studied today. Overall, many researchers have learned more about psychological development of humans but many theories that have come along were challenged while being influenced by influential thinkers of past time.

One theory includes genetics being responsible for how a person develops their personality. This sparked research to be completed on the factors of heredity and genetics. Evidence was found that certain actions or thoughts may promote the body to activate certain chemicals that would arouse or stimulate the mind to perform certain options. Some theories challenged this and others were changed to try and support it. In many cases it was thought that heredity is possible because certain forms of human behavior are known to be found in other people, especially if they are related. Such theories help to understand development of personalities from a young age.

Another theory suggests personality is inspired by the environment and people surrounding an individual. What you observe may have some form of influence on how you feel, but others were not too thrilled about it as this may lead to personal feelings instead of elements of personality. But people were observed in part of a study to help understand whether there was as form of validity to it. Freud influenced psychodynamic theories that lead to further study of what influences childhood experiences and the unconscious mind. Erikson’s theory was also influenced with this in development of stages of psychosocial theories.

Freud believes ego played a role in personality development but with morals. The ego acts as a driving force between demands and reality. Erikson felt personality happened in stages but with conflict at each point of change. Humanists had their own theories as well with part of the focus leaning toward self-actualization and need for personal development. The trait theory carries a considerable amount of weight as it believes a person has characteristics or certain traits that cause certain personalities to be known. This has helped to provide more understanding of how a person behaves through different stages mentally and throughout their lifetime.


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