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American History X

American History X is a contentious movie which contains various eye-catching happenings. This film was release on October 30, 1998 in United States and supplied New Line Cinema. American Historic X displayed social immunity which was in American society during the pre-colonial regime.

The author, David McKenna reflected back to the personal influence, which was theoretically referred seen as the foundation of human racism in America during the prehistoric period. American Historic X incorporated famous film actors such as Edward Norton (Derek Vineyard) and Edward Furlong (Danny Vineyard). The film vividly portrays how personal influence can affect other people either positively or negatively.

Negative Influence

Derek vineyard, experienced and witnessed the beliefs of his father on other races while he a small boy. The racism of his father on other races was so open that his sons witnessed it. The homicide of his father by a black man full turned the feeling of Derek on racism and as a result, he joined a group of white supremacy, skinheads where he started actions of racism.

Derek racism grew to extremes that he could not control his emotions when he saw three black men attempting to steal a car that belonged to his late father. Derek murdered them all a fact that made him to be sentenced for three years.

In prison, Derek wanted to continue with racism actions but unfortunately, the white supremacy group rejected him. Moreover, when the supremacists discovered racism actions of Derek, they raped and jumped him in the cascade. This was the turning point for Derek. He discovered how misleading his racism actions were and accepted to evolve.

Positive Influences

American Historical X as well reveals how individual actions and influence manipulates others in the similar capacity. Derek became racism due to influence from his father. Furthermore, after Derek discovered his misleading racial actions, he encouraged his brother Danny to revolutionize his actions too.

The actions of Derek Vineyard were similar to that of the husband at cathedral. The husband just as Derek Vineyard had no actual reason to hate the blind people. Perhaps was due to past influences, lack of understanding or rigid beliefs. However, they were both able discover how extremely wrong they were in their previous beliefs.

The husband and Derek Vineyard had met with individuals who did not fall within the guidelines of their stereotypes. It was until the blind individual helped the husband to see when he began to embrace and accept blind people. Having been defiled by his own, Derek was able to appreciate the reception and kindness of what he once disliked. It took just a single person to completely change misunderstandings of Derek and the husband.


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