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New Voice of Islam

The world has experienced a strained relationship between Christians and Muslims, not only because of the difference in their fundamental beliefs, but also a mistrust that is deeply rooted in the history of the two religions. This suspicion intensified in the West following the September 11th al Qaeda attack on America. The attack took a religious tone because the terrorists claimed that this was a religious war. The mistrust between the two religious groups intensified, and the efforts that had been made by a section of Muslim leaders to create a cordial relationship between the two religious groups were shattered. However, a new group of Muslims has come out to express themselves to the world. This new voice is determined to dispel all the negative thoughts that the society has had towards the Muslim society. This research paper seeks to analyze this new voice of Islam and what it seeks to achieve in the society.

According to Hunter, Islam has been presented as a religion that is rigid, oppressive, and retrogressive by the standards of the current civilization. To the Western society, there is a thin line that separates this religious group and terrorism. As Kamrava notes, the West believes that Islam is the very foundation of terrorism in the world. However, this new voice has come out strongly to define what Islam really is, and some of the fundamental beliefs that define the Muslim society. This new society says that although a section of the American Christian society speaks the language of separation, they are determined to speak the language of integration. This new voice claims that cultural practices that were oppressive to women are not backed by the scripture in the Quran, and should be considered irrelevant in the current society. The voice says that women should wear head coverings when in prayers, but on social gatherings, it is their choice to have such garments. It urges women to take leadership that was previously considered a preserve for men. This new voice is led by Ingrid Mattson, the first woman to have held a senior leadership position in this society in North America.

The new voice of Islam is growing louder, and its message is becoming clearer. The voice is trying to make a distinction between Islam and terrorism. The voice is loud calling for integration in the society irrespective on one’s religious belief. It is categorically calling for an end to the hatred that has existed for a long time between Christians and Muslims. It also says that women should come up and take leadership roles in the society.


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