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Medieval and Renaissance Periods


The Renaissance was a time of change and prosperity which Froude (1894) understands that the world was awakening out of a long deep sleep. During the late Middle Ages, European nations suffered greatly from war as well as from plague that affected their health and economy. The period of Renaissance is conceived as departure from the medieval ages into new and different culture wherein people who survived the war and plague began questioning the institutions which was unable to prevent to war or end plague.

Period of awakening - Causes

The main contributors to the Renaissance like Da Vinci, Dante and Petrarch classified the medieval period as slow and dark which didn’t encouraged education and innovation and viewed this period as an obstacle within in the culture. The basic culture of the society was such that all should live happily but none should live better than the other while the Renaissance on the other hand encouraged competition and stressed the importance of individualism and personal skills.

While scholars during medieval period studied ancient Greek and Roman documents to learn about God and Christianity, scholars during the Renaissance period did more research on humanity. The Renaissance period marked the cultural awakening in the society involving renewal of learning, development of infrastructure and a gradual reform in education.

Though the Renaissance is considered as beginning of the modern age, it is important to realize that this idea was formulated to stress the uniqueness of modern European culture and a very important difference is the art. The Renaissance artists portrayed expressions of humanity and religion through their art while the earlier artists portrayed bible story.


The Renaissance was a time of cultural awakening for human beings as it propelled innovation and reforms in education apart from fostering individualism among the people. The medieval age was laden with superstitions and institutions while the Renaissance period was a great awakening where men questioned the legality of such institutions.


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