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Writing the body part of your expository essay

An expository essay is one of the simplest forms of essay. It does not require the writer to think critically and provide strong supporting evidence in order to convince the reader. It simply describes a certain topic in detail. The student is supposed to select a fact about a certain topic and then elaborate it with the help of examples. Even if the student does not have critical writing skills he can still manage to write a successful expository essay. Students usually do not understand the difference between various essay forms. Even though the name of expository might be a little confusing but in reality it is simply a descriptive essay. Teachers at high schools or universities assign different essay writing tasks to students depending upon their degree and level of education. Essay writing is something that the students are accustomed to since Montessori level. The complexity of the task changes as students are promoted to higher levels. If you are assigned an expository essay by your professor and do not know where to start here are a few things you should do

Research well enough

Before you begin to write it is very important to carry out extensive research about your essay. See different samples of expository essays from a grammar book or on the internet. Understand the purpose and format of an expository essay before you actually write one

Select a topic

During your research you must have seen various topics and might have developed an idea of how the topic should be. Write down two or three options for your essay topic. Choose the one that you can write comfortably about. Refine the topic by replacing words or changing sentence order

Gather valid resources

After you have selected your topic it is now time to collect relevant data about it. Do not add invalid sources in your essay. Make sure you have gathered the data from authenticated sources

Arrange the body paragraphs in your outline

While making the outline of your essay be sure to select the number of body paragraphs according to the data you have. Arrange your paragraphs in a logical order

Write the body of your essay

There are usually 4-5 body paragraphs in an expository essay. Make sure the content of each of them is unique and you have put one kind of data in one paragraph

Proof read your essay

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