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How to Find a Good Research Paper Sample Online

You can use a sample essay to help you craft your own academic essay. When used appropriately, essay samples can be an excellent source of inspiration. They do not replace your own hard work and research but they are a great supplement to it. Here are a few ways to try to find essay samples online.

Use the Resources Offered By Your Professor and Your School

Chances are your college offers a few different tutoring options to improve your writing. And if your class is an introductory level class your professor might too. Check to see if there are any essay samples on your class webpage. This is the best place to find a paper sample, because you can be certain that the paper has the qualities your professor is looking for.

If you have a tutoring or writing center, look and see what they have to offer on their website. They wouldn’t have samples that cater to your topic, but they would be able to give you some general guidelines to write your papers.

Do a Web Search

This can be a hit or miss way of finding sample papers. Like any web resource, take anything you find with a grain of salt. You might find some helpful insightful samples with good ideas for inspiration, or you could find a bunch of factually incorrect, improperly cited garbage.

To try to get the best results out of a basic search for samples, you will have to use the right search terms. Start with a broad search. If your paper is on voting trends in past political elections, you wouldn’t want to start by looking for a sample on that exact topic. Search more generally by looking for “paper samples on American government” and narrow it down from there. You could then look specifically for essays on elections, but chances are you aren’t going to find a sample essay on your exact research topic. If you do, it’s probably not the best topic to choose for your essay because it’s not really an original idea of your own.

Need Specific Samples? Think Outside the Box

If you must have a sample specific to your topic, you don’t have to simply rely on research paper samples. Academic journal articles, magazine articles, and even textbook texts can serve as a good writing sample to give you inspiration and information to help you write your research paper. These sources have a greater degree of credibility than the average sample on the web. The information you find here will be trustworthy and a very useful source for your research.


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