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The world economy has become fast-paced, and this has forced people to transform their lifestyle in order to adapt to the changing pace. Family structures have evolved drastically with modern mothers having outside careers rather than being housewives. Granted such mothers get out of work worn out with little strength to prepare a proper meal for the family. They often opt for an easier way of preparing a meal for their families. This is the foundation for the thriving of fast food industry. A number of nations have been transformed to fast food nation with American society being on the lead followed by Britain. American hosts the largest fast food industry in the world with outlets in over 200 foreign nations. With conveniences around us and busy lifestyle, fast food industry has become more appealing. It is an undeniable fact that fast food industry is a real threat to health of a nation. Well, there are restaurants that offer healthy and organic foods. However, they are not the rule but exceptions. A majority of fast food restaurant offer junks to clients.

A larger proportion of fast food is made from sub-standard meats, which are taken from low quality animals. In short, the meat is not drawn from one common placed, but rather from a host of parts that are pounded together to make a whole burger. The likelihood of disease spread is very high since the meat is taken from different animals and animal parts. In his book ‘Fast Food Nation’, Schlosser presents a detailed account of the constituents of many fast foods. In chapter 9 of the book, he provides a case in which ground meat was recalled after E. Coli was identified. The worsening issue was that 25 million pounds of the meat had been consumed. In a nutshell, he warns that with fast foods, the possibility of nationwide food poisoning is inevitable. Besides, the distinctive flavors that are added to these foods to make them taste good are complex chemicals.

In the long run, people end up consuming astronomical amounts of calories, which only creates a longing for more and hence one becomes lethargic. This explains why most fast food nations are suffering from obese epidemic. As a matter of fact, America’s greatest health problem currently is children obesity. This is so as fast food companies such as McDonald are targeting children through the media by offering them free toys upon purchasing their foods. Children are not the only victims. Many adults are often not aware of the content of the foods they are served and how it has been prepared.


Even though fast food industry offers employment opportunities to many people, it is vital to put into account the detrimental effects of these restaurants to the well-being of the society at large. It is absurd that many people do not take time to think of the content and the mode of preparation of the foods they purchase.


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