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Essays Writing Help: Learning by Example

The best way to learn as a writer, besides practicing writing yourself, is to look towards others for great examples. Strong writers pull from inspiration from other greats- it is common in all forms of the art world. Great painters, filmmakers, and writers all draw on inspiration from others before them. It is a common method for improving their own work. Looking to examples to help your own writing is a good idea, and you may find writing techniques you had not known otherwise if you did not look to others for inspiration.

Read Through the Lines

When you are looking to others for examples, you are not looking for a way to copy them. Rather, you are drawing from subtleties that may exist in their work that you may apply to your own future essays. This does not mean applying their verbage word for word. Rather, it is to get a general sense of how to shape your own writing voice. A writing style such as Ernest Hemingway is straight forward without being overly dramatic in his expressions. If you compare that with another legendary writer, such as Oscar Wilde, you will find his voice is much more satirical and written in a way that more resembles a riddle. If you look towards the greats, you can find a range of succinct styles that may be appealing to you. However, do not take this advice too literally, your essay should have one style of writing and one voice to keep the mood consistent. Try not to do too many things at once. Also by learning by example, you are expanding your realm of knowledge for writing styles. By reading other people’s works, do not be too focused on finding a way to emulate them- rather, let the words sink in and you will eventually develop your own style as well.

Following other writer’s is a great idea when you are writing a type of essay that is unfamiliar to you previously. You can look to see the proper way to write a specific type of essay without having to question yourself throughout the writing process. This will relieve some anxiety and hopefully let your writing style flow as you are working on your essay.

Don’t Copy

Again, it is worth to reiterate that learning by example is not copying. Be careful that you are not copying other people’s works word for word, otherwise that is just known as plagiarism.


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