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Racism And Religion

There has been a belief that racisms hides in the cover of the freedom of religion. A small portion of the populace confides in the belief that people should not serve the blacks. The same has been felt concerning atheists Jews, lesbians and gays. Therefore, racism and religion are synonymous based on the actions surrounding them. Some people have received negative stereotypes due to their religious and racial backgrounds. It is not doubt that they are the two most leading factors for the negative stereotypes faced in our society today. They are very controversial subjects that have been seen to destroy the fabric that holds us together. In many parts of the United States, “separate but equal” appears like the indication of a bygone era and it has largely been affected by religion and racism.

Today, there is a lot of segregation though may not be conspicuous as those of the 1960s, especially at lunch counters, sign readings of “whites only”, and race-divided bathrooms among others. Our society is hidden in masks and we often fail to accept this situation that is affecting us greatly. It is very easy today to assist someone of the same background or race in a given situation than one coming from a different background. Historically, Americans have had the belief that business owners should be in a position to turn down offers from the blacks if it violate their religious connotations. This was very common across various regions of the world. The issue was more rampant in men than for women. Catholics could easily adopt those forms of segregation when compared to their protestant counterparts.

It has now become widely accepted that religion has its downside just like any other grouping of humanity, specifically when the membership is based on issues of morality. The idea is that, morality and the practice of such ethics and beliefs have been the basic determinants of denominations. Just as the case has been on racial tenets and practices, the specificity on morality has brought about some tension where some people have felt superior to the others based on what they believe in. What people believe in both racial and religious backgrounds have been found to produce almost similar outcomes. In a case where two different races meet, there is always some prejudice of some kind just like the case would be for two different religions. Definitely, race and religion are very dynamic aspects that are responsible for some of the state of affairs in our society today!


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