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Variables That Influence Player And Coach Communications

Muhammad Waqas Sadiq

World is changing day by day with the implementation of ever new technology and sophisticated methods in engineering, sciences, medical, commerce, business and sports. Right now we could see that there are number of technologies and methodologies which have been used by different organizations, sports clubs and teams to better the level of communication and contact between the player and its coach in an effective and efficient manner.

Whether this communication is happening on the field or off the field, it’s always important to deliver and then understand the message correctly and precisely. There are numerous variables which could play a vital role in influencing and manipulating the communication process. Sports psychology also deals with this kind of matter, the coach and player relationship with emphasizes on the level of communication have been influenced by their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Further we could analyze these variables with the help of three key elements used to identify the communication relationship between the coach and its player; these three elements are closeness, commitment and Complementarity, and can be checked by “Coach-Athlete Relationship Questionnaire (CART-Q)”. It have been observed by different studies and researches that the level of communication and relationship have been influenced by these key elements, and the high score in these elements point out towards the high level of performance, personal treatment and communication. There is another very important factor which highly influences the level of communication between the coach and its players, is a level of conflict between them. It’s an important thought and concept when we dealing with the matter which influences the communication procedure, one way to overcome this variable is to maintain a healthy relationship.

There are number of ways to solve this kind of situation, which involves discussing the area of disagreement, and concise upon an agreed solution of how to solve that kind of situation, which clearly involves conflict management and socializing.

In different interviews with different coaches, they have focused upon the need of an open and fair communication channel between them and their players, the line of communication which posses care, respect and trust towards both sides.

Wrapping up the above discussion it have been understood that there are number of variables which influences the level of communication between the coach and its players at number of times, and both sides needs to focus on these intangible factors and elements to overcome any hurdles and difficulty in due course of time, so they could enjoy a pure victory consist upon trust care and respect.


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