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Palestine And The Arab-Israeli Conflict

The war between Israel and Palestine has a long history, but a history that is not difficult to dissect. In short, the 22 Arab nations surrounding the state of Israel refuse to acknowledge it as a Jewish state. This has two possible reasons: First, because Palestinians see the land as rightfully theirs; and second, because of an age-old blood feud between Jews and Arabs. As it stands now, there seems to be no chance of peace, negation talks, or a ceasefire between these two nations.

Arabs do not recognize the right for an Israeli state to exist

Back when the Ottoman Empire was in the process of falling at the hands of Britain, negotiations took place between Britain and the Arabs of the Palestinian region. The land was promised to the Arabs if they joined forces with Britain against the Ottomans. When the war was over, Britain give the land to the Arabs; but since then, land has also been given to the Jews. Neighbouring Arab countries resent Israel’s presence and have since tried to wipe out Israel. All these attempts have been in vain.

An old blood feud

Many have speculated that the conflict between Jews and Arabs started way back in the biblical time of Abraham. There were certainly sore feelings about Abraham’s rejection of Ishmael—his firstborn son—in favour of Isaac—the promised son. Many Arabs still believe that the land is rightfully theirs because of their birthright from Abraham. However, Jews argue that the land was promised to Isaac by divine revelation because Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sarah—the two parents to whom the promise was made.

No sign of peace

There is severe Arab-driven demonization of Jews and children are taught from a very young age to hate Jewish people. As such, there seems to be no sign of peace within that region. Negotiations have come to a halt in many instances and peace talks have failed again and again. The country is in deadlock over these land disputes. Palestine refuses to let Israel have the land, and Israel refuses to give it up.

There is plenty of speculation as to where this feud started. Was it political, or are there historic

motives for the conflict? Either way, there is little hope for reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews—much to the sorrow of the rest of the world.


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