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Crop Production & Management

There have been many advancements in the science and business of crop production and management.  The main advancements in crop production and management are as follows:

  • Preservation of crops
  • Limited use of pesticides
  • Harvesting of crops
  • Machinery used to plant, sow, and harvest crops.

These advancements have enabled many third world countries to play a major role in the agricultural business.  Also, advancements in crop production and management have a made it easier for small time farmers to compete with the large-scale farms in the agricultural world.  Since the 20th Century, there have been many great advancements in crop production and management.

One major area that has seen many advancements regarding crop production is the usage of pesticides to grow crops.  Many farmers have opted out of using harmful pesticides to ensure that insects do not ruin their crops.  Many farmers, throughout the USA, have found it better to use natural products to ensure that pesky insects do not destroy their crops.  Many farmers have realized that pesticides are not beneficial to the crops and can harm human beings if consumed.  Many pesticides used to grow crops have been shown to cause cancer in human beings and animals that consume such crops.

The second major area where there have been advancements in crop production and management is the preservation of crops.  In the 21st Century, a farmer in Mexico can ship crops to the State of Maryland (USA) for customers, due to advancements in crops being processed and shipped to preserve the freshness of crops.  Also, the way crops are being shipped around the world has been improved with advancements in shipping and transporting of the crops from different parts of the world.  Many countries throughout the world have made trade agreements with each other concerning importing and exporting of products, and these agreements have set-up rules, regulations, and guidelines on how to properly preserve the crops being shipped.

The third major area of advancement in crop production and management is the harvesting of crops.  Crops that would have taken a year to harvest can now be harvested in six months.  Many crops can now be harvested on a large scale due to scientific advancements in growing crops.  Also, crops do not take a lot of muscle power or manpower to grow and harvest due to major advancements in the machinery used to harvest them.

The final area where there have been major advancements in farming is the machinery used to grow and harvest crops.  Now there are machines that can stuck corn in minutes, instead of, in several days.  Also, there are machines that are used to plow the land and plant the seeds in seconds.  Instead of, like in the golden days, when had to use a mule or horse to plow the land, and then, manually plant the seeds.  Also, machines are now used to determine the temperature and when there will be rain.  The tractors are so advanced now that they can run on their own without a human being.

The many advancements in crop production and management over the past two centuries have made it a lot easier for countries to feed their growing populations.  Has allowed many third world countries to become major players in the economic world.  Also, such advancements have made it easier and more financial affordable for farmers to stay in the farming business.


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