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Sex Addiction

For something to be considered as a problem or addiction, it needs to affect the individual’s social and occupation functioning and cause a significant distress without the object of addiction. Psychologists do not have a proper criterion for diagnosing sex addiction. They tend to treat it similar to that of substance abuse. Sex addiction is when an individual constantly changes sexual partners regardless of the fact that it is causing significant impairment in his/her current relationship and furthermore, is constantly preoccupied with the sexual ideas, shaping his routine around activities involving sex (watching pornography, planning out evenings that end in chances of sexual intercourse, or masturbating).

Addiction needs to seen as a means of escape – finding one’s current state of being so intolerably suffocating that one finds a way to avoid dealing with it. On the other extreme, people who’ve led miserable lives grow a fondness towards it and enjoy being in a miserable state. These masochistic tendencies start off with playing the victim role and then eventually enjoying the distress it causes them and consequently the world around them. Research has shown that most individuals who are addicted to sex have had a troubled childhood, amongst whom, majority were sexually abused. These people suffered such pain in their childhood and saw the victimizer enjoy the act that this addiction became their way of sweeping their past under the carpet, without having to make peace with it. Some sincerely want to avoid dealing with it. However, others merely want to spread the pain they had to go through. Either way, it is taken as a way to avoid dealing with their internal conflict and pain. One often wonders: But why sex as a defense mechanism?

In my opinion, I would hold the pornography industry solely responsible for creating such a utopian image of a meaningless sex life that it became something people aspired for their future or for running away from their troubles. This industry is in the world’s top five money making businesses. It is ever expanding without realizing the impact it is having on innumerable lives. It paints a picture, depicting a cause and effect relationship between sex and a successful, happy life. Consequently, every individual struggling to make peace with his past or to achieve a certain social status, he is directed towards sex. It is considered “normal” to watch porn and explore one’s sexuality through it. This normalcy is causing troubles within the individual lives, causing frustrations and creating a rise in rape rates. People need to look deeper into actions becoming habits rather than taking it on their superficial value.