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Gulfstream G650 Maintenance

The Gulfstream G650 has the reputation of currently being the most technologically sophisticated business jet in the skies. It is highly luxurious and its price of about $65 million is a major investment for any owner. Its maintenance is therefore important in safeguarding the investment. While its costs may be greater due to its advancements, regular maintenance checks and sufficient manufacturer support will ensure minimal expenses. This paper discusses the Gulfstream G650’s maintenance component.

Maintenance costs are mainly made up of spare parts and labor. Reichel explains that in the G650, they might generally be greater than ordinary planes. Maintenance comprises of the Indirect Maintenance Cost (IMC), Direct Maintenance Cost (DMC) and Total Maintenance Cost (TMC). The DMC is influenced by the complexity of systems, aircraft utilization, flight profile and shop intervals. To ensure cost control, the aircraft owner should be ready to commit a third of the maintenance budget on on-wing maintenance and two thirds to off wing maintenance as the plane’s shorter overhaul raises off wing maintenance costs. The increase is attributable to expensive Life Limited Parts which will be either refurbished or renovated.

The G650 abides by most new certification standards. All its systems have been designed to exploit new technology and thereby make maintenance and operation simpler. Expenses can be regulated through subscribing to its manufacturer’s maintenance program, characterized by pre-arrival planning hence minimal downtime. In it, the scope of work is reviewed two weeks before the maintenance check and again three days so as to ensure time is saved. Gulfstream’s PlaneParts program also offers the replacement of parts and payments done monthly depending on the hours flown. With proper documentation of the anticipated flying hours in a year, it is possible to budget for the components easily. Being part of this program can therefore help to cut costs, especially those arising from unexpected maintenance.

In conclusion, Gulfstream G650 maintenance costs will naturally tend to be great due to its efficiency and technological levels. However, effective management will need to ensure regular refurbishment of replacement in order to avoid breakdown-related expenses. The technical standards applied in its manufacture also ensure compliance. If these are upheld, costs will be controlled further. This is in addition to fully utilizing the product support services offered by the manufacturer, as these ensure cheaper and reliable maintenance service.


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