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Antagonistic Views of Affordable Care


The most popular program of an Affordable care in the world right now would be the newly reformed American health care system; commonly known as the “obamacare” which has of late sparkled plenty of debate in reference to its eligibility and effect in the American states/ communities. Given that developing nations are fond of taking up successful trends and laws from developed nations; it would be a good place to start on the various laws set which can be termed as unsuitable.

Gender In-Equality and Ambiguity in the Healthcare Act

In this, the reproductive healthcare benefits program has seemingly been viewed to favor the female gender in access to contraceptive healthcare; whereas all American citizens are required to contribute into the affordable care act; the “individual shared responsibility payment”, few to none of these benefits are seen to address access to men healthcare.

Also seen in the act is the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funded by the federal and state government; this becomes rather ambiguous, as one would expect the guardian’s or parent’s health care insurance benefits to cater for children below the age of 18 years old, or under special care by the Guardian or parent; either in school or while in a pre-existing health condition.

Increased Cost Of Living

The set rules have seen various insurance companies increase the cost on premiums as insurers are required to provide the covered services; this has also led to an Increase in tax for some income earners.

Developing Nations Downside on Affordable Care

In developing nations, the National health care insurance policies have been un-fairly handled, as corrupt senior officials are previously known to allocate funding to institutions of their interest in private health care, leaving the public Health care facilities; which are most of the time crowded with patients, short of funding. This can mostly be attributed to political instability commonly experienced in the developing Nations.

Of recent, the discovery of this has led to vital alterations and the proper assessment of the displaced funding and managerial positions; consequently resulting in the “mounting of health care bills for various civil servants and patients being turned away from various private health care facilities due to unpaid services”.


In view of this, we can attribute this to misplaced priorities for Nations trying to cub the unemployment and Inflation rates, seeing that it results in some companies cutting down on working hours; consequently resulting in the scaling down of income.

It would have been more appropriate for states to put more emphasis on economic development through education in both the Formal and Informal education systems. From this, the growth economic development of a State/ Nation can be able to cater for better health care of its Citizens.


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