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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to a situation where two or more people in a close relation cannot peacefully coexist. This, according to Kenney, may be due to certain issues such as disagreements, economic disputes, divergent opinions or general failure of coexistence by member of the social set-up. Domestic violence can be studied from different angles. In the past studies, more emphasis has been laid on its meaning, forms, people that suffer from it its impact and possible ways to control the situation.

According to Morgan & Chadwick, there are six major forms of domestic violence. These include physical abuse, psychological abuse, social abuse, economic abuse, spiritual abuse and sexual assault. It can, therefore, be realized that domestic violence not only involves physical harm, but may extent to non-bodily harm.

There are no specific people that are bound to suffer from domestic violence. The effects are evident in people of all cultures, ages, sexes and backgrounds. However, the most vulnerable victims to domestic violence are children and women. In most cases, it is the women that fall victims of incidents as domestic fights, sexual assault and psychological abuse.

Identification of domestic violence requires critical analysis of the signs that may be revealed in the victims. In most instances, the physical signs are easier to identify. Bodily harm may be a sign of domestic violence. This is in a case where the perpetrators engage the victims in fights or attacks that cause them injuries. Non-physical signs of domestic violence may be seen through the psychological disturbance and depression that the victims are subjected. Mental torture often arises due to a number of factors, domestic violence being a possible factor. The impacts that are created by domestic violence can be health-related, economic or related to social misfit.

The most common ones are related to the health status of the victims. As a result of the negative impacts that are created by domestic violence, possible solutions have been made to bring the situation into control. For instance, different nations have set up laws to protect vulnerable groups as far as domestic violence is concerned. More awareness has then been created to mobilize the general public against domestic violence.

In conclusion, therefore, domestic violence is a critical issue that needs to be solved from the various perspectives that are discussed in the previous section.


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