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The word rebellion brings to mind strong connotations of pirates, bloody battles, death, and overthrowing the establishment. The word needs to be looked at from a different light if a positive result comes from the rebellion. Without certain rebellions, our world would be drastically different than it is now. One important rebellion to look at might be the American Revolution. A rebellion can result in a change for the better, but it indeed is a drastic measure.

People came to the New World colonies to explore religious freedom and to be more prosperous than they had been in Europe. Then suddenly once they were in America, King George of England began to tax the people with little to no representation. British troops soon came to America for enforcement. King George looked at the American Colonies as a bank. The people were far, far away and he considered them to be a financial find. It was evident to the Colonists that it was time for a rebellion.

The colonists did not like the oppression and they rebelled. They had the Boston Tea Party and open reactions to the different Stamp Acts. The people were mad and they demanded to be set free and then the American Revolution followed. The country of America was founded on the back of a rebellion. The people demanded change and they got it through the formation of the United States of America.

This is a case of when rebellion brought about a good change. If the ends justify the means, then a rebellion may be needed. Other famous rebellions are the Jacobite Rebellion (1745), the Orlov Revolt (1770), Shays Rebellion (1786-1787), The Polish Revolt (1794), the Whiskey rbellion91794), and the Radical War in Scotland (1820). All of these rebellions resulted from injustice, oppression, and governments not listening to the wants and needs of their people. Many people died in these rebellions, so that necessary change could be brought about in the specific region.

The word rebellion means the act of putting down or removing a leader, ruler, regime, group, army, military group, political group, or government with violence or violent means. If that person or group is oppressing people and change needs to happen, then a rebellion may follow. The hope is that the rebellion will lead to a better situation for all involved. There are many facets and component to a rebellion as history indicates.


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