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Camping in the Deep Woods and Sleeping in a Motel: What’s Best For An Outdoor Expedition?

I believe that the most of the nights in a year are spent in our homes, homes have many similarities with motel accommodations; sleeping in rooms and on beds, food is prepared in kitchens and served in decent utensils and cutlery, security is higher, decent bathrooms and many others. This can sometimes create monotony as there is a definite routine that is followed; wittingly or unwittingly. To have fun after a day of an outdoor expedition, you should avoid replicating the home routine; it will ruin the fun.

Contrary to the motel rooms, the deep wood accommodation entails sleeping in tents or cabins. The latter resemble ordinary houses, but lack installed electricity heating systems; wood or portable fuel is used, proper water and sewerage installations, enhanced security, beds: you sleep on sleeping bags and cabin bunks, and they are mostly made of wood or canvas. Sleeping in tents and cabins generates some excitement for the unexpected or anxiety. You will have fun collecting wood, cooking using open fires, collecting and preparing game meat, wild fruits and vegetables.

Rather than being woken up early by the roaring of inter-state trucks, the deep wood set up makes you relax and enjoy the early morning singing of different birds, beautiful sunrise, fresh unadulterated air, and a breakfast prepared and taken in the open space or natural al fresco set up, and that which has been prepared with pure, clear and sparkling crystal water from the streams.

Sleeping in the deep woods offers you an opportunity to immense yourself in nature, and experience the best it has to offer. Spending a carefree night in the deep wood is therapeutic and can be used as a remedy to many health conditions such as stress and depression. It also offers uninterrupted opportunities for meditation and yoga, and not forgetting team building. All these can hardly be achieved in a motel set up for there are numerous distractions from human activities.

To gear up the security and safety in deep woods, you can carry along dogs or hire camping security services, use guides, carry medical kits and strictly follow the issued instructions. A deep wood night-out is very exhaling, however the experience is not all people, those with special needs and outdoor night phobia must be excluded.


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