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Gender Bias and its Effects on the Health of the African Women

The demand for egalitarianism among females and males around the globe has been witnessed from long past itself; still it remains as a unique agenda. The relationship between the issues linked to well being of women and the discrimination based on sex has always attracted the debate among and within various nations.

Most of the health results of feminine communities from Africa have been identified as the leftovers of gender favoritism. Unlike the bitter incidents due to the unparallel status in societies under grounds of other matters like income, money, status and others, humiliated for being a woman makes much negativity to the women in all senses of health. Mentally it remains a much heavy load leading to other physical problems as well. The studies conducted over the populations from Africa had put forward that mental dilemma due to premenstrual - indicators, nervousness, gloominess and other attached psychological anguish are found on such victims.

The scientific approach towards the study has brought with the idea that ‘stress and coping procedure’ is the prospective method happening resulting with health problems among women due to gender differentiation. When under pressure, it is natural to try with various activities and approaches against the same to get adapted to the situation or escape from it. These may result in immense influence on feelings, psychology and physiology of any human being and when women are considered effects will be high.

The adaptation accepted by different people will vary and there are more chances to acknowledge different negative habits including tobacco, alcohol and other dangerous things. The higher ratios of AIDS prevailing in Africa can be viewed as a part of such outcomes and even the younger ladies are destroyed with the same. But the intense researches had attracted the attention of explorers towards the problem of hypertension among African American women which found its reason completely adhered to the discrimination prevailing on the basis of sex. This was later discussed and recognized as a part of the influence of ethnicity and race on the stress or depression created on women. When considering various points around the globe, the consequences get varied heavily.

Though the matter of discrimination over a longer set of reasons have been considered around the globe as striking issue, the background of sex has been identified to be made uplifted far better. But still it remains the same for many of the populations and one such group is Africans.


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