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Binge Eating Disorder And Its Effects

Has anyone ever thought of our daily eating habits can become a slow killer? Statistics in the United States have proved that human eating habit is steadily growing to become a killer. It was found that Binge Eating Disorder (BED) has tended to claim human life according to various researches. BED is a psychological disorder whereby an individual eats more than enough food within a short period of time, even when the person is not hungry. This disorder is purported to be caused by depression, anxiety, genetic disorder, and psychological issues among others.

According to WIN, women fall as the highest victims followed by men and the least are youths in their adolescent stage. BED is said to affect women in their early adulthood and men in their middle age. This disorder occurs on anyone regardless of race or ethnic group. Moreover, BED has been closely linked to obesity as asserted by WIN. Individuals who are obese are at high risk of developing BED due to their eating habits, although sometimes the case might not be that. But from research carried out, victims of BED have been found to be obese.

This mental disorder that affects the livelihood of a person has some unique characteristics. To examine oneself if you have BED, one should examine if he/she eats uncontrollably a lot of food within a short period of time. Furthermore, a victim of BED prefers to eat alone in solitude since he/she is ashamed of his/her eating habits. They also eat faster than other normal people and tend to eat until they are uncomfortable. Due to this they eventually feel ashamed and depressed after eating a lot than enough WIN.

BED disorder has been associated to cardiovascular related illnesses such as high blood pressure and hypertension. It causes some organs failure such as liver and kidney. As if that is not enough, BED has been found to cause respiratory problems especially inhaling while asleep. It results to insomnia and even cancer to its victims.

Finally BED has been found to be treated through various ways. Since it is a mental and health problem, BED can be treated though medication. In addition to that, visiting a psychiatrist may also bear good fruits because one will undergo counseling on how to eat and the right quantity. Changing the habits that lead to this disorder is another way of fighting off this habit. This can be through support groups by talking about it in open without fear and assisting each other on how to overcome the perception of splurge eating.