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Diabetes is a serious condition which can manifest after significantly insufficient diet. The body breaks down sugar and carbohydrates in any fashion. There is a significant difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, and yet this difference is not widely known by most.

Complex carbohydrates are, as the name suggests, complex. Because of their nature they are more difficult for your body to break down. This means that upon consuming a complex carbohydrate, something found in fruits and vegetables, your body takes a long time to fully break everything down and digest it. A simple carbohydrate is something found in processed flour or processed white pasta. This type of carbohydrate is very easily broken down by your body.

When simple and complex carbohydrates alike are broken down by the body they are immediately converted into sugar. The sugar is sent through your body and it causes your insulin levels within your blood to Spike. When you are about to participate in a significant race or some form of physical activity that is incredibly strenuous, simple carbohydrates can be broken down faster and can provide you with the immediate energy you need for a short period of time. However, immediately following the spiking insulin levels in your blood, you will crash. Complex carbohydrates do not bring with them this same crash. Your insulin levels do not spike to the same degree and they do not drop to the same degree. Many people do not understand how this works and do not take the time to cultivate strong awareness of what they are eating.

Consuming too many simple carbohydrates without burning off the sugar and energy that it provides immediately causes your body to convert it into fat and to store it. If you use it immediately such as eating simple carbohydrates the day before a race, this is not as likely to take place. All items that you consume which increase her insulin levels will have a permanent influence on the way your body handles it sugar intake and its insulin levels. People who continually have poor diet and failed exercise will cause severe spikes in her insulin levels regularly which will naturally alter the production of insulin inside their body and cause diabetes. By taking the time to be informed about the food that you eat and not eat more than you need, you can help to prevent this disease.


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