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Applied Ethics

The term ethics is itself a complex term which both connects to the academic field and also is related in a very important and delicate way with one’s psychology and mindset. Ethics is essentially a philosophical term which deals with defending, practicing moral values and prioritize right over wrong doing and behaviors and strongly based on the values of a human mindset. Ethics is an important term in philosophical, academic and in the business world in modern philosophy ethics has been broadly classified into the following by eminent philosophers: a. Meta ethics- which is based on the theoretical concept various truth and moral propositions. B. Normative ethics: based on the practical procedures of moral actions, and c. Applied ethics- The core concept of applied ethics is based on the working principle of the ethical theory which usually deals with the factor of choosing the right and wrong obligations in a situation specific instance and is applicable to any individual as well as in business.

Among the other branches of philosophies, the category of applied ethics is considered to be the most practical one as it is based on an individual’s or business concern’s practical approach towards choosing an obligation and the mindset and the psychology of human mind where it comes to draw a specific plan in response to a certain situation. Applied ethics is known to deal with and influencing difficult human decisions such as- decision pertaining to welfare and warfare of any nation, important decisions of human lives like marriage and childbirth, engaging in charitable and philanthropist activities, etc. Regarding applied ethics, academically there are two approaches famous for this topic. One is the classical and old approach to this particular branch of ethics and the other is the modern approach. In its classical and old forms applied ethics is divided and discussed under six broad wings such as- professional, business, organizational, clinical, decision and social ethics. While this approach is still very much accepted and valid among the philosophers, the modern approach has also emerged considerably and is broadly categorized as- utilitarianism, virtue ethics which has been deduced from Aristotle’s famous virtuous notion and deontological ethics which is heavily influenced and based on the obligatory principles of the Roman Catholic church and is loosely based on its preachings.

Though there are constant debates among the modern day philosophers regarding the validity and the best approach among the old and modern day approaches, the core essence and the logic behind the applied ethics remains the same and unchanged.


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