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Google Plus


Google plus is a social media network that incorporates multi-features such as photo posts, status updates, instant messaging that involves more than one person at a time, text chats, video chats, events and location tagging and the creation, editing and maintenance of private photo albums. Google plus is a bit unlike other comparable social media networks because it is the social layer aspect of Google services owned by Google Inc. Consequently, it permits Google users to share identity and interests. Google plus incorporates Gmail, +1, iphone App and YouTube features. About five hundred and forty million people make use of its enhanced features while three hundred million maintain contacts on its social networking stream. It was launched in June 2011 and has since experienced tremendous growth.

How Google Plus Started

Google plus started as a social network on its own but later developed as the social layer across all Google services. Though the number of users of Google plus is high yet the average number of minutes spent per time on the network is low in comparison to other social networks like Facebook.

Google plus has experienced some managerial changes in recent times with the departure in April 2014 of the executive controlling Google+, Vic Gundotra. Google executive, Bradley Horowitz, revealed that he has taken charge of Google photos and stream products on the 1st of March 2015.It is not yet clear what effects these changes have had on the fortunes of Google plus.

The Basic Features of Google Plus

Google plus has several main features and functions including User Profile, Circles, Stream, Identity Service, Hang Outs and Hang Outs On Air, +1 Button, Google+ pages, Google+ Views, Google+ Badges, Google+ Communities, Google+ Events, What’s Hot, Google+ Local, Google+ Creative Kit, Auto Awesome, Auto Enhance, and Google+ Auto Back Up. Other additional features include “Instant Upload”, “Data Liberation”, “Search in Google Plus”, Hashtags, ”New Features for Google Mobile”, Ripples, and verified names. Google plus also has some legacy features like “Messenger”, “Sparks” and “Games”.

Google plus utilizes JavaServlets for its server and JavaScript for the browser. HTML5 is used to maintain attractive Uniform Resource Locators in modern search engines. This was developed using Google Closure Framework. As of late 2013, approximately three-fifths of Google plus users were males, a quarter were female and the rest unknown. On the 6th of November 2013, YouTube began requiring commenters to post their comments via a Google account creating considerable controversy. Google plus has encountered censorship by some countries, most notably China and Iran.


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