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Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a gifted woman who knew a lot about computers. She was gifted as a mathematician and helped develop instruction for the first computer program. During the 1800s little was thought about a woman knowing such talents as many refer this kind of work as a man’s job. But her talents and skills have helped encourage other women to explore related interests and make it a career. But Lovelace’s early years showed she had significant interest in something that would one day make her well-known. Her gift of mathematics was learned at an early age and even understood a number of computer concepts.

Lovelace was born in 1815 with one of her parents being a famed poet, Lord Byron. He father passed away when she was 8 years old, but soon her mother would recognize her talents and Ada had a tutor work with her daily. Her studies included science and math. Her mother thought Ada developed some characteristics from her father that included a little creativity. She wanted her daughter to have a chance to develop her talents, even though it was not common for women to know this type of information during this time period.

Ada loved language and numbers when she was little. Some of her instruction came from established professionals during this time including a Scottish astronomer and a social reformer. When she was 17 she started studying mathematics with a University of London professor. She grew even more fascinated with related concepts including computers and how they work. She got to work on a computer that was in the process of being built and was hooked. This computer at the time was known as the analytical engine. She was able to translate language from the content to other languages to help other engineers develop it.

Lovelace added notes to the concept that later got published in a science journal. Her article content in the publication at the time didn’t get much attention. She even tried to come up with other schemes for gambling but was unsuccessful. Lovelace passed away after failing health problems in 1852. Her work got attention from computer researchers after her death during the 1950s. She was recognized for her contributions in science and math. Ada is the name adopted for computer language named after her. Her work was republished that brought attention to what many thought was brilliant information.


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