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Greek Tragedy

Greek tragedy was an old Greece influential and a famous form of drama presented in theatres in late sixteenth century. The most well recognized playwrights of the Greek Tragedy were Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles. Greek tragedy led to the development of the famous Greek Comedy. The two genres created the basis upon which the present theatre is rooted.

The genre was part of life in most people who lived in pre-historical Greece. Genres became well-known long before the birth of Christ. Goat’s scarifying song or genres often were performed in ancient Greek during certain festivals of the year. Tragedies progressively developed in significance until they reached extreme recognition. Greek genres initially started in festivals in respect to a god. Generally, Greek tragedy had three famous tragic playwrights who were involved in disastrous situations.

Development of Greek Tragedies

The truth about the origin of Greek tragedies is yet to be discovered. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing which can be said about the origin due to unreliable sources. Greek tragedies at first started a festival to credit the wine god, Dionysius in the ancient Greece. At the ancient festivals, sexual activity, quarrels and drinking practices occurred often. As time goes on, Greek tragedies gain more significant and were received with seriousness.

The tragedy depicted the god (s) relationship with human being. These genres as well outlined a certain life instances. The singing group wore skins of goats which provided a huge idea within themselves as well as the tragedies. The father of genres, Thespis developed an comedian who communicated with the chorus leader to supplementary make the chorus significant visible.

Characteristics of Greek Tragedy

The Greek tragedy had three paramount masters. These included; Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus. These three masters wrote for the Dionysius festivals but there was no similarity in their genres. Aeschylus wrote on arrogance, prehistoric rule and the Athenian power. Sophocles acknowledged the way Dionysius gods looked like. Sophocles disagreed with the cosmic order violation. Euripides raised questions on spirits. He as well faulted the way things were done.

In every tragedy, the tragic hero faces tragic circumstance. There are two fundamental tragic circumstances. The most often circumstance is the tragic hero facing two principles which are clashing. Every situation leads to suffering and sorrows for the tragic hero. A choice is essential to a disastrous circumstance. In such situations, a decision is made which puts the hero into troubles.

Greek tragedies are very essential to very old history. Many tragedies are still performed all over lecture theaters nowadays. Pre-historical Greek tragedies were at first performed at festivals in respect for the Dionysius, god of wine before they became more significant.


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