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Restorative Justice in Modern Times

Restorative justice is a unique way to address a problem between two parties. This option may be different from how certain levels of government would address a crime or a conflict. The punishment may not be as harmful or as tough as you would expect, but it is a different approach to understanding a problem and how to find a suitable consequence. A good example is when a person wants to take another person to court for damages caused to their property. When an action has been committed another party has the option to enforce a consequence. This may include the use of special organization that provides solutions along these lines.

There are different concepts that fit the definition of restorative justice. In today’s society a family can have their own form of restorative just when a family member should be disciplined for their actions. It is a way to provide a consequence without the need of a large legal avenue, while still providing understanding and knowledge of why the punishment is enforce. The parent may punish the child if they did something wrong such as breaking a house rule. Another concept of restorative justice may include someone living in a residential facility. If they are being disruptive to others they may need special help from a mental health specialist, if they are disturbed or keep getting into trouble.

In some cases, certain crimes committed may have a restorative justice approach. This may occur in the form of the victim providing insight on what the offender can do to improve themselves or to suffer a consequence. They would provide a resolution that would hope to be played out by the offender. An example may include community service, an apology or a payment plan if the offender was guilty of property damage. Overall, restorative just is providing a resolution that will justify any wrong doing.

During modern times the act of restorative justice is commonly played out, but may people may not realize they are engaging in the concept. For some people it may be known as something different such as being an advocate for a cause. Some communities use this concept through programs that will help people restore safety and education. Victims may have a say during probation hearings of their offenders. Others may use court mediations to settle a problem between two parties.


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