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12 Monkeys Movie

The twelve monkey's movie is directed by Brad Pitt, Terry Gillian, Stars Bruce and Madeleine Stowe. The twelve monkeys movie is a good scientific Fiction movie which is about time travel. It has a theme of the community's perception about insanity. The main character in this movie is James Cole (really name is Bruce Willy). The aim of this paper is to look into detain the 12 monkey's movie and what it entails.

The movie starts off when the main character is a young boy and he witnesses a man being shot at the airport. Throughout his life, this scene keeps on reappearing again and again in his dreams. From childhood, the movie now brings us to the current situation where James is in an underground prison. He is chosen to travel back in time to collect vital information regarding a virus that killed over 6 billion people. He is sent to look for the 12 monkeys army that released that virus. Later James Cole is put to a hospital where he meets Karthryn Rally.

In 1996 again, with the company of police, James is sent back again to look for the 12 Monkeys arm. He is accompanied by Kathryn. James tells Kathryn about his mission but she doubts him. With time she realizes how serious James is about the mission and s she supports him. The two later realized that the 12 monkeys army did not have the virus under question but instead it was someone else who was having it. Cole spots the man with the virus and does not waste time, he runs towards the man with a gun as he points the gun towards the man with the virus but unfortunately Cole is shot from behind by the police instead. A young boys stands in front of him and he reflects his past.

The 12 monkeys movie is about travel and time. We see James being mistaken of being insane and taken to prison and put into a mental institution. James tries to change the present but unfortunately he can't. He tries to kill someone with the virus but instead he is shot and the captive runs away. This incident reminds James about the incident he witnessed when he was a young boy when he saw a man being shot at the airport. The 12 monkeys movie is really a scientific fiction about time and travel.


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